Livet Studio

About Livet Studio

Livet Studio was founded in July 2015 to combine my passion for interior design, styling and photography. I want to inspire you with images that I create and collect during my work as a freelance interior stylist and I share my favorite hotspots, photography, travels and other discoveries.

This blog is a motley collection of my interests and thoughts, and I’m warning you, I have got quite a few! To make it all legible, everything is divided into several categories: interior; hotspots; travel; notes; portfolio and video. Sharing stories and pictures that inspire me, my favorite hotspots in the Netherlands and abroad. Sharing personal stories and news related to my blog and the studio, plus occasionally a fun video to make the blog slightly more vivid.

I think it is extremely important a home feels like a safe place where you can relax and enjoy your life. I can spend hours browsing through magazines and surfing the Internet to explore new trends or discover new products. I really enjoy doing this. For everyone that does not enjoy this or has no clue where to start: let me turn your house into a home! I can help and advice you on interior decorating and styling, and I will make your house feel like the best place on earth!